[Sun 180312]Love You to Leave You…

Don’t you think I am a lil bit selfish?

For loving you by now, then I will leave you soon? Or maybe sooner?

I… think I am.


I love you so much.

I don’t wanna hurt you.

But I do now.


For loving you just because I will leave you and never see you again.

Don’t you think that I am so selfish that way.

I think so.

          But what can you do?

          I do love you too…


Huft! Thank you for loving me then.

But, should we just stop this now?

I don’t wanna hurt you more.

I know you will when I am gone.

Can’t we just enjoy this before you go?

          I will make myself ready in the time you leave me.

 I don’t think that will be the best decision.

  I won’t regret in my life too.

            I will regret it if I don’t love you now.



A short conversation between a man and woman. The story inspired by K-Drama ‘Scent of Woman’ and came up in my mind on the ep.8.
Ceritanya, si cewek sakit tapi pengin merasakan jatuh cinta dan pacaran sebelum dia mati. Tapi tiba2 dia merasa bersalah pada cowok yang dia cintai karena mencintainya hanyak supaya dia tidak menyesal setelah mati.

P.S: Sorry for the wrong grammar. i just wrote what i wanna wrote. i dont really care about grammar. hahaha

Happy loving~!



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