[Thu 301210]You Know What: About Me…

You Know What?


and i’m not trying to be..

no body do perfect,,

so, I Know, whatever i’ll do wont be working,,..


i jUST wANNA bE mE…

what you see, is the real me,,.

im not trying to hide anything

if you dont like it…

i got nothing to say,,


but let me know,,..

cuz there’s a chance that i’ll change my self,

to be better, though still not perfect,,..

cuz i’ll never be perfect ^^


i’M sTILL hUMAN,,..

I wanna feel love,,

I ever be in love,

I ever felt lost, I need someone,,

I felt happy, I felt sad,

I felt worry,

though i never show it to you.

but i still human, i can sense all that feeling,

just like you…


i hAVE a sENSE,,,

i can feel your happiness,

i can feel your madness,

i can feel you like me,

i can feel you hate me,

i can feel it whenever you around me..,

from every single word you say,

from every single word you write,

from your eyes whenever you staring at me,

from your act in front of me,

I can feel what your heart really feeling…


i’m open,

if you mad at me, just tell me,,

if you dont like what i do to you, you can told me so,.

that way, i can reflect myself and be better,,,

though not perfect,

cuz nobody P.E.R.F.E.C.T




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